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Junior Program

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MCSA is proud to sponsor our local NJROTC and Shelton High School Shooting programs.

Nation wide, there are over 100,000 participants competing in youth programs like ours. These youth marksmanship programs have compiled an outstanding safety record where gun-related accidents are extremely rare, making them among the safest of all youth sports. Everyone who participates is expected to first learn, then know and perform the safety rules at all times. No one is excluded from this first basic principle, from youth participants to instructors, coaches and range officers, safety really is ALWAYS FIRST!

This is a sport that requires concentration, discipline, control and a sense of responsibility. The benefit of learning and practicing these skills are that they positively influence the student’s schoolwork, citizenship and progression to maturity. Young shooters experience the satisfaction for improved results as they continue to practice and learn that success requires commitment and practice.

Some of the young people from our community are going on to college and some are continuing the ROTC program. All who participated this year have been developing skills that they can apply to whatever they choose to pursue as adults.

Shelton High School Rifle Club gearing up for new competition season

Letter from Maj Gen (Ret.) James McElroy

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Shelton High School Shooting Team Attends Western Air Rifle Championship Seminar and Match

Benefits of Target Rifle Shooting:

-Concentration Skills: The heart and soul of firing consistent series of accurate shots is concentration. Developing the ability to fire accurate shots enhances concentration skills to a high degree. Many young shooters and their parents also discovered that concentration skills transfer to schoolwork and other pursuits.

-Self Control and Emotional Control: Shooters must learn to control themselves and their emotions exceptionally well. In shooting, competitive energies are directed towards an inanimate object, the target, and never towards an opponent. Target shooting is the antithesis of violence.

-Self Discipline: Self-discipline is emphasized in target shooting from the first safety lessons, to disciplining oneself to get the most out of every practice, to the self discipline that determines how hard and how often one practices.

-Responsibility: Gun safety begins with accepting responsibility for handling the guns used in shooting safely. Progress in shooting depends upon accepting full responsibility for both good scores and bad scores.

-Fair Play and Sportsmanship: In shooting, the ideals of fair play and good sportsmanship lead to a commitment to always follow the rules and respect other competitors as well as coaches and competition officials.

-Rewards of Hard Work: Shooting is a sport where strength, size or speed make no difference in how well one can shoot. Instead, shooting is a sport where how hard one works makes all the difference. This can become a critical and long-lasting life lesson.

-Self-Image Enhancement: Participating in target shooting where progress is almost solely dependent upon how hard one works has helped many young people learn to believe in themselves and to understand that they can achieve their goals and meet difficult challenges.

The “Benefits of Target Rifle Shooting” is an excerpt from an excellent book, titled “Coaching Young Rifle Shooters”, written by Gary Anderson, from the CMP or Civilian Marksmanship Program. The CMP mission is to promote firearm safety and Marksmanship Training with an emphasis on Youth. MCSA has been granted permission to use this material.

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Shelton High School shooting team wins national competition.

2016 Rifle Team

2016 Rifle Team

2016 Rifle Team National Winners

National Winners

SHELTON ( Watch the video on "ifiberone news radio"!)

The Mason County Sportsman's Association is proud to support the NJROTC and Shelton High School Shooting teams, a favorite project that has been going on in our club for many years. We reserve our indoor range for 4 afternoons a week during the school year for the Jr's to practice. We have a dedicated coach and a group of loyal volunteers who assist with coaching and maintaining safety as the kids practice.

This practice paid off recently when the Shelton NJROTC team had 4 shooters compete in a postal match from Stockridge, Georgia. Our shooters finished first overall in the competition. The shooters who participated in this competition were Marissa Newby (who shot 273 out of 300), Riley Peters (264 out of 300), Jayden Rieck (263 out of 300) and Jaden Miller (255 out of 300). The positions they shot were prone, standing and kneeling, with air rifles at the 10 meter target, authorized by the NRA.